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* Stress, Anxiety, Negative Thought Patterns, Trauma, etc

* Sexual and Intimacy Concerns, Communication Challenges, Financial Issues, etc

* Toxic Relationship, Emotional or Physical Abuse, etc

* Confusion, Moods Swing, Internal Conflicts, Feeling Stagnated, etc

* Unresolved Conflicts, In-law Crisis, Power Struggles, etc

* Betrayal or Trust Issues, Infidelity, Boundaries Issues, and Addiction Issues

Connect with licensed therapists, schedule your first session, and start living a happier and healthier life.


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Get therapy from anywhere, at any time without commuting.


Privacy Protected

Express yourself in a secure, non-judgmental, safe space.


Proven Results

Our therapy methods are evidence-based and effective.


Affordable Prices

Competitive pricing and discounted plans are available


wande ojo
wande ojo
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I must say, i doubted the effectiveness of therapy, until i met Ms Tunbi. She’s changed my life just in a month, and my Journey to self discovery isnt complete yet but has taken the best start it could ever get. I definately loved talking to Ms Tunbi and honestly I miss our sessions and i look forward to more enlightening sessions. Thank You💗
Pamela Ofori
Pamela Ofori
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Talk space counselling services has been fantastic and very productive for me. It has helped me to vocalize my thoughts and feelings confidently with no judgement. They are relatable, professional and very organized. I would 1000% recommend thier services!
Tooni Akinsoji
Tooni Akinsoji
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My experience with Talk Space Counseling has been awesome and wonderful! Initially, i was reluctant about the whole thing but, im glad i was eventually enrolled for it. Mrs Tunbi is an excellent human! She sure has the passion for what she does.....
Yewande Sokan
Yewande Sokan
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TalkSpace offers a great service. Flexible, professional and highly effective. I find myself recommending TalkSpace's services to friends and family on a weekly basis.
olabowale odukoya
olabowale odukoya
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All my sessions with Dr. Tunbi have been targeted at tackling the problem. With this being my very first experience with therapy, I just knew from the first session that I was where I needed to be. The trust was immediately established and I felt like I was in a safe space.
Toluwase Adebowale
Toluwase Adebowale
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I had a great experience using Talk space counselling services! Helped me understand life in a different light. Thanks 😊
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
It’s been really really insightful and mind opening with talk space. I enjoyed my sessions. There’s absolutely no regrets and if I have to do it again I will 😊
Kolawole Mabadeje
Kolawole Mabadeje
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Effective and interactive
Leonard Suleiman Aireman
Leonard Suleiman Aireman
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Every experience with Talk Space is a whole new experience. My personal therapy sessions and marriage counselling sessions have been nothing but very helpful. I'll recommend them for intending couples and even individuals needing personal therapy.

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, stress, trauma, or emotional problems? Are relationship issues holding you back from living your best life? Look no further! Our team of experienced therapists is here to support you on your journey toward a happier, healthier you.

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At Talk Space Counselling, we understand that challenges like anxiety, stress, trauma, emotional problems, and relationship issues can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate alone.

So we offer personalized counselling and therapy services for individuals and couples to help them overcome their challenges and improve their overall well-being.

At Talk Space, everyone deserves access to quality, safe, affordable therapy, and support from trained and experienced therapists.

It’s time to stop feeling like a failure and instead, embark on a journey towards a happier, healthier you with a thriving relationship.

Take 3 simple steps:
  1. Select a session that suits your needs.
  2. Book an appointment.
  3. Speak with a licensed therapist who will provide personalized strategies and tools for your specific concerns.

Affiliations & Certifications


Discover Our Therapy Plans

Our Professional Counseling Services are Affordable, Effective,

and Confidential for Individuals and Couples.

Individual Therapy

N 40,000 ($28)
Per 60 Minutes
  • Online Video Session
  • Assessments and Personal Profiling
  • Personalized and Focused Approach
  • Increased Self-Awareness and Well-being
  • Improved Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills
  • Enhanced Emotional Regulation and Resilience
  • Practical and Evidence-Based Solutions
  • Dedicated Trained and Experienced Therapist

Couple Therapy

N 65,000 ($45)
Per 90 Minutes
  • Online Video Session
  • Assessments, Couple, and Individual Profiling
  • Safe and Non-judgmental Space
  • Enhance Emotional Intimacy and Connection
  • Improve Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Coping with External Stressors and Challenges Together
  • Practicals, Workouts And Exercises
  • Dedicated Trained and Experienced Therapist

Solution-Focused Therapy

Anxiety, Trauma,
Premarital and Infidelity
  • Individual or Couple Online Video Session
  • Goal-Oriented and Solution-Focused Approach
  • Learn Skills Applicable to Life Situations
  • Practical and Evidence-Based Solutions
  • Concentration on Current and Future Situations
  • Achieve Rapid Progress and It's Cost-Effective
  • Dedicated Trained and Experienced Therapist

Other Therapy Plans


One-Month Plan Individual Therapy

N148,000 ($102) / Per Month

Includes Features of Individual Therapy, Experience Significant Personal Growth, Enhanced Overall Well-being, Cost-effective, Holistic Approach, Increases Self-Awareness, Dedicated Support
Successful-couple-therapy-and smiling Counselor

One-Month Plan Couple Therapy

N240,500 ($168) / Per Month

Includes Features of Couple Therapy, Intensive Focus on Relationship Issues, Structured Approach, Cost-effective, Efficient use of time, Improves Relationship Dynamics, Dedicated Support

Weekend Therapy Options

From N50,000 ($35) / Per Session

Convenience and Flexible for Individuals and Couples with Busy Schedules, Offers Access and Opportunities for Self-care, Enhances Work-Life Balance, Reduces Stress, Dedicated Support

Making Marriage Work

Whether your goal is to be happily married, deepen your connection with your spouse, manage conflicts, disagreement, and constant arguments or preserve your marriage from infidelity, abuse, and other forms of crisis, you can find a variety of relationship videos of top relationship experts for any marital challenges.

We use research-based principles for making marriage long-lasting and harmonious.

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