NO MATTER what is stopping you from having the life and relationship you desperately want, @Talk Space, we have seen it before and have what it takes to create the life and relationship you love

Tunbi Olabisi, Lead Counsellor

Amazing Results

Aireman suleiman
Aireman suleiman
Every experience with Talk Space is a whole new experience. My personal therapy sessions and marriage counselling sessions have been nothing but very helpful. I'll recommend them for intending couples and even individuals needing personal therapy.
Abiola Agunbiade
Abiola Agunbiade
It was a life changing experience for me, a systematic approach to getting the solutions needed
anuoluwa odukoya
anuoluwa odukoya
I found out about Talk space counseling through a referral. The counseling exceeded my expectation because it was detailed & well tailored to our need. We conducted all our sessions online and I must say that it was indeed a safe space for us to discuss everything and anything. We now feel more confident to embark on this next phase of our journey!
Olayinka Oginni
Olayinka Oginni
The session was well-timed with room for flexibility, the counselor was detailed, open and provided a safe space to share. It was worth the commitment and I recommend.
Talk Space Counselling is highly recommended for your mental health wellness, work-life related issues, relationship/marriage matters, trauma and abuse management as well as conflict management, infidelity recovery, identity crisis and anxiety disorder/depression. With experienced and licensed therapists, you are in safe haven.

Values We Offer You

Effective, Affordable, and Confidential Counselling Services

Emotional Wellness

You will gain the ability to manage stress, avoid negative emotions, cultivate a sense of self-awareness, self-compassion and develop resilience and find joy in life's experiences.

Marriage Satisfaction

Gain skills to identify and manage areas of conflict, the ability to problem-solve, emotional support, and strategies to build a strong, healthy, and lasting relationship.

Workplace Well-Being

Creating enabling workplace with cross-cutting actions to improve employees' mental health through leadership, investment, regulations, and compliance.

Infidelity Recovery

Counseling and training services on infidelity recovery, helping individuals and couples navigate the difficult process of rebuilding trust and restoring relationships.

How It Works Is So Simple


Book Appointment

Make an appointment with a therapist and get your booking confirmation right away.


Set up Your Goals

For your best interests and decision-making, you will be guided through the many possibilities.

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We Work It Out

Offering a bespoke model for you to achieve the lifestyle and relationship you’ve always desired

Therapy with Licensed and Experienced Counsellors


Effective, Affordable, and Confidential Individual and Couple Counselling Sessions.

Individual Therapy

Per 60 Minutes
  • Online Session
  • Personal Profiling
  • Assessments
  • Workouts
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Couple Therapy

#40,000 Per 90 Minutes
  • Online Session
  • Couple Profiling
  • Individual Profiling
  • Assessments
  • Workouts

Marathon Plan

#110,000 Per 5 Hours
  • Couple Therapy Features
  • Discounted Price
  • Plus Free 30 Minutes

Relationship Repairs That Work

Whether your goal is to be happily married, deepen your connection with your spouse, manage conflicts, disagreement, and constant arguments or preserve your marriage from infidelity, abuse, and other forms of crisis, you can find a variety of relationship videos of top relationship experts for any marital challenges.

We use research-based principles for making marriage long-lasting and harmonious.

Relationship Checkup

Building and healing a relationship like yours is both an art and a science. This clinical evaluation is built on decades of award-winning research combined with world-renowned therapy expertise, we’ve created a set of powerful tools for individual, couples and therapists, to help you build a relationship that lasts.

Why wait any longer?


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Why Talk Space?

We understand that life is hard and with the tightening economy and social challenges, it continues to get harder.

Talk Space was set up to support individuals and couples struggling with emotional, behavioral, and thinking processes brought about by stress, life circumstances, trauma, alcohol or drug abuse, or any other condition to develop healthy lifestyles and relationships at home and the workplace. 

So, subscribe to professional counseling services for all your personal, work-life, and relationship matters, online or in-person at our cozy Talk Space Office!

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