9 Principles That Make Marriage Work


Learn the principles of making your marriage work with these 9 actionable tips.

1. Build love maps – Knowing your partner intimately and deeply is essential for a strong and healthy marriage.

2. Nurture fondness and admiration – Focus on the positive aspects of your partner, and make sure to express love and appreciation regularly.

3. Turn toward each other instead of away – In difficult times or moments of vulnerability, choose to lean in and support each other.

4. Let your partner influence you – Mutual respect and compromise are key elements of a successful marriage.

5. Solve solvable problems – Learn to address, discuss, and resolve small conflicts in a constructive and respectful way.

6. Overcome gridlock – Some issues may be more challenging to resolve, but with patience, empathy, and communication, it is possible to find a solution.

7. Create shared meaning – Find values, goals, and traditions that you both share and create a sense of purpose and identity as a couple.

8. Trust and commitment – Trust is a fundamental building block of any relationship, and commitment is essential for long-term success.

9. Keep the romance alive – Make time for intimacy, fun, and spontaneity in your relationship, and continue to grow and evolve together.

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