About Talk Space

Talk Space Counselling Services is a registered and professional provider of both online and in-person counseling services, specializing in helping individuals and couples navigate the complexities of successful relationships.

At Talk Space, we construct strong foundations for every relationship and our approach is to help build a multi-layered home with sturdy walls and floors by developing a culture of shared lifestyles and meaningful rituals that express who you are as a team.

We have trained counselors who are guided by professional ethics and are committed to helping you build a thriving marriage and fixing relationship problems with tailored and unconventional principles and strategies that drive results. 

Our client’s overall best interest always comes first and we pride ourselves on confidentiality, experience, proven tools, methods, and resources that guarantee 94% success in building relationships.

We provide affordable online and in-person counseling services.


Reasons To Choose Talk Space for Counselling

Our sessions are Confidential

Our services are Professional Affordable

Each session is Life-Transforming

Our Therapists are Experienced & Licensed

Our Board

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Tunbi Olabisi

Lead Counsellor

Tunbi studied Economics and was a Chartered Personnel Manager. She detoured into professional counseling because of her natural gifts of listening, communication, and counseling. She’s got counseling practitioner’s certifications, is a Marriage Mentor and is an Associate Member of the Counselling Association of Nigeria.

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Tosin Olabisi

Counselling Partner

An Economist and a certified Customer Relationship Manager. Tosin’s digression into counseling spans from his passion to see individuals excel in the workplace. He’s a certified Counseling Psychologist, Marriage Mentor, and Workplace Mental-Health Advocate. He’s also an Associate of the Counselling Association of Nigeria

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