How to Build Trust and Commitment in Relationships


Relationships are built on trust and commitment, but what exactly does this mean? How do we establish trust and commitment in our relationships, and how do we maintain them over time? The answer lies in the sound relationship house concept, a popular model in couples therapy that provides a roadmap for building and maintaining healthy relationships.

The Sound Relationship House concept was developed by Dr. John Gottman, a leading researcher in marriage and relationships. The concept is based on the idea that a healthy relationship is built on a strong foundation of trust and commitment, and that this foundation is made up of seven essential components: building love maps, sharing fondness and admiration, turning towards each other instead of away, the positive perspective, managing conflict, making life dreams come true, and creating shared meaning.

Let’s dive deeper into how these components can help couples establish and maintain trust and commitment in their relationships.

Building Love Maps

Building love maps is about getting to know each other deeply and understanding each other’s needs, fears, and hopes. By sharing information about yourself and actively listening to your partner, you can build a strong foundation of trust and connection.

Sharing Fondness and Admiration

Sharing fondness and admiration is about acknowledging and appreciating your partner’s positive qualities and expressing gratitude for the things they do. This helps to build a positive view of your partner, which can increase trust and commitment.

Turning Towards Each Other Instead of Away

Turning towards each other instead of away is about being available and responsive to your partner’s needs, even when you’re busy or stressed. By showing your partner that you’re there for them, you can build a sense of trust and security.

The Positive Perspective

The positive perspective is about seeing the good in your partner, even when things are tough. By focusing on their positive qualities and assuming the best about their intentions, you can build a sense of trust and commitment.

Managing Conflict

Managing conflict is about learning how to handle disagreements in a constructive way. By finding common ground and working towards resolution, you can build a sense of trust and commitment.

Making Life Dreams Come True

Making life dreams come true is about supporting your partner’s aspirations and helping them to achieve their goals. By working together towards shared dreams, you can build a sense of trust and commitment.

Creating Shared Meaning

Creating shared meaning is about developing a sense of purpose and identity as a couple. By creating meaningful traditions and having shared goals, you can build a sense of trust and commitment.

In conclusion, at Talk Space, we train couples in the sound relationship house concept which provides a useful framework for building and maintaining trust and commitment in different kinds of relationships. By focusing on the components listed above we can establish and maintain healthy, fulfilling relationships.


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