The Romantic Benefits of Covid-19

Covid Couple

The casualties of coronavirus are not only those that contracted the disease but also those who are living with the fear.


The truth is, a lot of us are uncertain of the next moment. Things are fast changing in the world. While we may not be in control of many things, there are still some things within our control.


One of which is building the capacity for a quality relationship with your romantic partner at this time! We cannot dispute that staying at home is a necessary precaution to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. This is not something exciting, especially when couples are not on the best of terms. On the other hand, with the right information and techniques, it could be time to make things better in your relationships regardless of the phase you are in.


Rather than focus on the trending news on COVID-19, you can also improve your marital relationships with the tips below:


1. Develop a Healthy Communication Pattern with Your Spouse. Decide to talk with your partner and even listen to them without judgment. Effective communication is a crucial vehicle for a happy marriage relationship. 


2. Develop a Deeper Level of Connection. There are ranging emotions that people will be going through at this time. Hence you may need to ask your partner to share their feelings or emotions with you. It may not be an easy task at the onset, especially if you have not been in the habit of connecting at this level before; however, you can cultivate the habit of being transparent about your emotions. You can start by sharing your feelings; then, your partner can take a cue from you.


3. Create Fun. You can still create fun even in the face of scary news flying around. Take time to travel on memory lane, look at past family pictures together, play indoor games, and watch movies together. The fun has a way of bringing couples back to loving each other. If you have children, it is also a good time to include them in your fun time. Eat together, cook a meal with everyone participating, watch a family film together and, most importantly, be creative in your bonding style.


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