World Suicide Prevention Day 2023

🌟 Today, 10th September marks World Suicide Prevention Day 2023 with the campaign slogan “Creating Hope Through Action“, a day dedicated to raising awareness, advocating for change, and offering support to those who may be struggling.

🤝 Suicide is a global threat that affects millions of individuals and communities. It is estimated that there are currently more than 700,000 suicides per year worldwide, and we know that each suicide profoundly affects many more people. It’s a painful reality that can touch any one of us, regardless of age, gender, or background. Someone could be in the midst of people and still feel alone and have suicidal thoughts. However, by joining forces on this day, we can collectively work towards creating a world where mental health is prioritized and suicide rates decrease.

🧡 Today is a reminder that everyone can play a crucial role in suicide prevention. It starts with education and understanding. Learning more about the signs, risk factors, and resources available can help us recognize when someone is in distress. Being able to spot the warning signs such as; depression (feeling sad or moody for a long period), unusual calmness, withdrawal from others, changes in personality, appearance, sleep pattern, showing dangerous or self-harmful behavior, threatening suicide or talking about wanting to die, etc… and knowing how to respond can save lives, don’t leave such person alone, call a helpline to get immediate attention for the person

🗣️ Open, honest, and non-judgmental conversations are another vital component in preventing suicide. We must create safe spaces where individuals feel comfortable expressing their feelings and seeking help without fear of shame or being stigmatized. By normalizing discussions around mental health and encouraging friends, family, and colleagues to open up, we can reduce the isolation often associated with suicidal thoughts by being there for the person.

💙 Supporting one another is essential in this fight. Let’s reach out to those around us, checking in on their well-being, and letting them know they are not alone. Small acts of kindness and compassion can make a tremendous difference in someone’s life, offering them hope and reminding them that they matter. ❣️Today, call someone you haven’t heard from in a long time or someone who you know might be going through tough times.

🧠 Mental health services are also crucial when it comes to suicide prevention. On this day, we must advocate for increased access to mental health resources, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their economic situation or location, can easily seek help. Some NGOs offer free Counseling and profit Counseling outfits that offer pro-bono or discounts on Counseling. You may contact Talk Space for further guidance

🌻 Finally, it’s essential that we take care of ourselves. Self-care, mental health check-ins, and setting healthy boundaries help promote emotional well-being. By prioritizing our mental health, we become better equipped to support those around us and contribute to suicide prevention efforts in the long term. Your mental health is your responsibility, take care of yourself.

✨ On this World Suicide Prevention Day, let us come together, raise awareness, and actively work towards a world where every person feels valued, supported, and empowered to seek help. By sharing this post, you will help in creating awareness and saving lives, having open conversations, and offering compassionate support, we can make a difference and save lives. Remember, you matter, your story matters, and there is always hope. Reach out, listen, and let’s prevent suicide together.

Below is the Nigerian Suicide Prevention Initiative Counseling Centre:
09030090741 (Lagos)
09090217555 (LUTH)


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