Affirming Your Spouse

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I think it is essential to affirm your spouse regularly and let them know that you see the things they do. It is very healthy for your marriage.

I hope you wouldn’t mind if I take the first turn to do this.

I am super proud of the work my husband is doing especially with one of his passions – Dog Breeding

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I could remember when I realized the depth of his love for dogs, in retrospect, it was never looking like I would one day become a dog lover too.

Long story cut short, I got a dog as one of my birthday gifts some 9 years ago, I can never forget that pretty Eskimo which we fondly named Debby.

After Debby, we have had several dogs and since then till now we usually have at least two to 6 dogs in our house per time, but we just keep them for the fun of it. C781993F CC3B 49AA A39C 4F3CDBF55E00

Until one day when we discussed bringing a goldmine from our passion. Then my husband became more committed to his passion.

Today, I am celebrating him because it’s been almost two years since we embarked on this journey and I have seen his commitment deepens, he has enrolled to be trained online and offline on how to breed rightly and his growth has been phenomenal.

I am super proud of him.

How about your spouse? Say something you are proud of about your spouse.


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