Crushing Your Goals in 2018

The countdown to the New Year has begun. It’s just a few more days to 2018! I am almost certain that you have taken thought of many things to be accomplished in the coming year while evaluating the almost out one year (2017), right?

As you count down, there are two important attitudes you should have:

  1. Thanksgiving: the act of being thankful for all that was accomplished this year and especially for the gift of life.
  2. Hope: The ability to see tomorrow being better than the moment.

These two attitudes are the catalyst to the actualization of greater things. I hope these remaining days you have the attitude of thanksgiving. While evaluating the occurrences of the year, you are full of hope that the year 2018 can be better and more accomplished than 2017.

While it is great to be hopeful for a better year ahead, it is also expedient to consider taking actions in alignment with seeing that hope births what we desired. No doubt, there could be many ways to make this happen, but my focus at the moment is on goal setting.

Many people have goals for different areas of their lives, from financial goals, spiritual goals, career goals, etc. Most times, goals are set yearly because it allows us to take stock of how the year has been altogether.

The year 2017 may not balance adequately in terms of accomplishments of all the set goals for the year 2017, but the goals made evaluation possible.

While it may seem normal for people to set goals for the New Year, the benefits, however, outweigh the norm. No doubt, a positive change can be made at any time T, but the beginning of a new year gives us a fresh start like no other time.

In one of my last post, I wrote extensively on goal setting, you can check it up on the blog Let us bear in mind that setting goals are not because it is popular in this season, but rather because it breeds discipline and commitment in you.

Goal setting is a pointer to an improved life especially when you are committed to those goals. These goals must be reflected in our daily routine because true success is in the cumulative of your daily routine.

Setting a goal is just the beginning, having plans to achieve those goals is as essential as actualizing those goals. Without carefully set plans of how to realize the goals, it is just a mere wish. While the plans to achieve your set goals may change, keep the focus on the goal. Your goals plus your plan are the guarantees for the realization of your dream for 2018!

Let your goals be SMART;

Specific: You must know what you want to achieve

Measurable: How would you know you have met your goals

Attainable: Why set yourself up for failure before starting? Goals should be challenging, but never too far beyond your reach. Be realistic even in your dream/wish. Ask yourself if your goal is feasible.

Relevant: Your goals are meant for you, not for someone else. Hence, when setting goals, let them be something significant to you.

Time-bound: put a deadline to your goals, this will motivate you to work towards their achievement.

Setting goals helps you to know the direction you are paddling, motivates you, and gives you a sense of purpose, it gives you the enabling environment to think outside the box, does the extraordinary, and reach for the skies.

As you sail through 2018, deal with any form of negativity in the coming year. Being negative is poison to your, achieving your set goals.

Avoid burnout in the year 2018. It would be best if you balanced things, work, family, and personal time.

Be present in the year 2018, don’t just be there!

Develop healthy habits in eating and exercising. Take supplements, treat your body well, drink plenty of water, rest when you need to, develop yourself mentally, do something different this year, learn a skill, and create time for things you love, such as your hobbies.

Lastly, when you make mistakes or couldn’t accomplish a goal, don’t beat yourself up, celebrate each step to your desired 2018.

The secret to your success in 2018 lies in how you spend your 24 hours. Be wise.

Thank you and see you in 2018


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