Let’s Talk About Dating Etiquette

While dating is a healthy and expected phase for young adults, it is also a season that requires in-depth knowledge as dating rightly or otherwise could define one’s route in life, hence the need to know dating etiquette.

Etiquette is the right manner or proper way of doing things. In essence, dating etiquette is like the guidelines or acceptable ways to go about dating. Below are some etiquettes to observe when dating;

☑️ Maturity. Dating is not for babies. It requires maturity beyond physical growth. It includes maturity emotionally, intellectually, socially, and much more.

Depending on your views on the points highlighted above, dating is not for every person.

☑️ Your Readiness And That Of Your Date. Age is worth considering here as it is not for the under-aged. You may evaluate your readiness by how your parents view it when you come home to tell them you went on a date.  While the responses will vary because of the belief system, societal views about dating, exposure, and many more, it is still a pointer to your readiness, though not the major determinant.

☑️ Reasons For A Date. Oftentimes, we confront our excesses or inadequacies by questioning the reasons for our actions. The chances of you going on a date with someone you have never met or just meeting new is very slim. People often date someone they have contact with such as a friend they like more than some other friends or someone they probably think has things in common with them. So, knowing the reason for dating the person is most appropriate and this riddle could be solved by asking yourself and your date why you want to go on a date.

☑️ Eradicate Any Glimpse Of Unrealistic Expectations This can be done by defining your relationship. Are you dating just each other alone or can you date other people? How would both of you feel if you date other people? etc.

☑️ One Of The Foremost Things To Do In Dating Is To Set Boundaries. How far can you or your date go? A lot of youths have bitter experiences because of this. You should be able to let your date know what dating means to you by communicating the things you will not permit (such as the extent of physical touch, time & mode of dating, etc.)

☑️ Let Your Dressing Depict A Person Of Character. Don’t dress for a date by exposing the parts of your body that should be covered or protected. Thou shall not tempt your dating partner! While it is expected of a mature person not to take advantage of the other, simply because of control issues at the sight of the opposite gender, caution behooves on both partners to dress with every sense of dignity. You should dress the way you hope to be addressed. You can’t dress like a lady who is hoping to be mistaken as a ‘call girl’ when all your intention is not that.

☑️ Communicate Effectively With Your Date. Listen and don’t be the only one talking. Communication is essential for relationships to grow and become stronger. Listening is that part of communication that must be exercised or displayed in a bid to know your date better. Watch out for the tone in which your partner speaks. Know what makes them tick etc.

☑️ Dating Is Not Confession Time. Telling your date all your history is unwise. He or she is not engaged to be married to you, so don’t just lay your heart out. This is one of the common mistakes made by those dating

☑️ Don’t Give Your Body In Exchange For Another Date Or Commitment. Sex is not a guarantee that you will date longer or be more committed.

☑️ “Life Is All About Relationships”, I Say. Dating creates an avenue to cultivate relationships, so be very aware of the kind of relationship you are going into and nurture it with care.

It is also an avenue for you to know each other and make your choice of a partner with a level of understanding and not blindly.

There are different views on dating, however, one common goal is to make a positive impression. To accomplish this, you need to show your date respect and most importantly carry yourself with the dignity you will want to be accorded.

Dating is not engagement or marriage, don’t get yourself trapped!


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