Am I Ready to Date? What You Need to Know – Part 1

Dating is a common word used by healthy young adults and it means different things to different individuals.

Tara may see dating as hanging out with members of the opposite sex which may mean more than one person at a time, and simply platonic.

Chris may see dating as the beginning of a relationship with the opposite sex with the hope of it developing into a deeper relationship.

Kemi on the other hand may see dating the opposite gender as a fling with no boundaries whatsoever.

While dating is a healthy and expected phase for young adults, it is also a season that requires in-depth knowledge as dating rightly or otherwise could define one’s route in life, hence the need to know dating etiquette.

Etiquette is the right manner or proper way of doing things. In essence, dating etiquette is like the guidelines or acceptable ways to go about dating.

Dating may be one of the earliest stages of a relationship; often times romantic relationships because it sometimes involves two people who like each other and would love to get to know each other better.

Dating can sometimes be viewed as spending time or more with someone. It could involve going to the cinema, visiting interesting places, or just hanging out.

It is not impossible that people who go on a date could be in search of fun, happiness, and company as an antidote to boredom or a way to know if desirable to the opposite sex.

Beyond this, the form by which dating takes is determined by the individuals. In other words, dating could be what you call it to be.

To remove every ambiguity or confusion, we need to explore the following facts:

  1. Determine What Dating Is To You. Is it just having a friend to hang out with, once in a while? Or having to spend a lot of time with this person?
  2. Define The Goals Of Dating. Is it to meet new friends, get to know an acquaintance better, or a process towards a more defined relationship?
  3. Dating Takes Different Forms; Which One Are You Open To? Some people date one person at a time while others date more than one person at a time. You may want to explore the reasons for whatever option you prefer.
  4. Boundaries Are Very Important In Dating. You may want to give this a deep thought before you start to date. Boundaries are what differentiates normal from abnormal, and they differ based on individuals, beliefs, culture, etc. It is essential that you determine what your personal boundaries are. For instance, what time is late for you when going on a date? how far is too far in terms of the level of discussions, closeness, contacts, etc?
  5. You may want to consider how you meet your date. In this generation where the internet has bridged the gap of location, social media has presented a platform for meeting different people which also may require a more thorough approach.


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