Unmarried Single and Valentine

It’s another valentine’s season and you’re still single. Well, I understand how uncomfortable this makes you feel, but I have news for you. Singleness may be full of its ups and downs, but it’s a beautiful season in your life. I know you have lofty dreams and the desire to be loved can sometimes be so compelling that it hurts when such expectations are not met.

But you can do any of these for a change and to change the situation you find yourself in;

  1. Quit Looking to Find the Right Person, Start to Find Yourself: You are worth finding too. Research and experience have shown that being with someone doesn’t take away loneliness. You cannot have someone with you 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 12 months a year. That is a fairytale. You only have yourself to yourself all the time. Therefore, start to enjoy your own company. I remember those years I was single and without a Val mate. One of the things I made sure to do was not to feel miserable because I didn’t have a Val. I know it may not be the best of cheer moments for you especially when all your friends have someone to take out or get gifts for, but you should realize that your paths are different. By the way, I got myself well-deserved treats and gifts on those singles Valentines of mine and it was awesome. You can be your own Val too.
  1. Understand that You are Loved: This may sound unconventional, but when you have no one to show you, love, you need to understand that you are incredibly loved by God. Human love could be in and out of season, but God’s love is ever-constant. He doesn’t love you because of what you can give Him; His love for you is unconditional. When you can’t have anyone’s love, you can be assured that His love is accessible at any time. So, if you feel alone this Valentine, know that you can embrace God’s love on that day and any other day.
  1. Be a Val to Someone Who Needs to be Shown Love: It is amazing and much more rewarding if you can take a look away from your needs and yourself. True love is about giving. Rather than wait for a Val, go and be a Val to someone who is in dire need of love. You have lots of love to give because you are an embodiment of love. I have learned to share Valentine’s day with roommates, colleagues, and acquittance.

In conclusion, Valentine’s day should not only be about romantic love but an opportunity to deliberately show love to people (not only someone you are romantically in love with). Love can also be shared on any other day; not only on Valentine’s Day. When showing love, don’t think of only flowers, wine, or monetary gifts alone, you can consider non-monetary gestures such as kind words, appreciation, thoughtful acts, non-sexual touches such as a hug, a warm handshake, a pat on the back, etc.

You can add these to the list of things you will do differently this coming Valentine’s Day.


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