Revive Your Romance with a Four-Letter Word

Romance is the ember that keeps the fire of relationships ablaze. Once it is put out, the relationship is as good as dead. But like every member, romance needs fuel to keep it aflame.

One of the ways to keep the romance alive in a long-term relationship is by exploring different forms of kisses. Kisses are magical and the feelings that they exhume vary from one type to another. One thing is however common to all of them: they create a special sense of connection.

Kissing is a way of expressing inner feelings that no true lover should be exempted from experiencing.

Some folks are not into kisses on the lips because it’s not their thing. Well good news, there are other types of kissing.

Let’s briefly share some of them, their meanings, and how they can spark passion in your relationship.

A Kiss on the Forehead: This form of kissing, though simple, speaks volumes. Usually, it is exchanged between platonic friends and family members as it signifies admiration for the recipient. More so, when this kind of kiss is shared between lovers, it signifies a gentle kind of love expression, assurance, and sometimes a promise of deeper passion.

A Kiss on the Cheek: This is sometimes referred to as a peck, mostly exchanged by close acquittances as a show of warmness for welcomes or goodbyes. This kiss is slightly placed on one or both of the cheeks during an embrace. It could also be an expression of friendship. Most times, parents and children display their close bond by this means. Lovers can also exchange this type of kiss to connect. My Boo enjoys this when I have make-up on and wouldn’t want to smear my lipstick or leave a stamp of color on his lips.

A Kiss on the Earlobe: This is a romantic way of saying “I want you” without using words. The ear is another sensuous part of the body. Such a kiss is shared between intimate people and only for romantic gestures. It speaks of desire and can trigger erotic feelings in both the giver and the recipient. It can be placed softly on the earlobe with a whisper of “I love you” or “I desire you”, according to discretion.

A Kiss on the Neck: This kiss is an amazing way of expressing deep affection and desire for your spouse. The neck, especially the back, can be an extremely sensitive part of the body, and placing a kiss there has a sexual undertone. Couples can practice this as a form of foreplay way before the real deal. A kiss on the neck may also simply be a show of fondness and a tool for relaxation.

A Kiss on the Hand: This is the type of kiss that is placed on the back of the hand of someone that you adore. Mr. Chivalrous will often do this to emphasize his deep feelings of admiration for the recipient. This type of kiss is also suggestive and can be indulged by partners who have feelings for each other. For married couples, it is a magical way of telling your lady that you have not lost touch with romance and that you are still in touch with the skills of wooing her. Imagine taking your wife’s hand and placing a soft kiss on it and telling her how adorable she looks.

A Vampire Kiss: The name doesn’t sound attractive, but the kiss sure does. Very few people explore this kind of kiss, but it can add fun to your kissing style and drive out the usual routine. A vampire kiss is a type that involves a harmless bit of biting and sucking. I specifically recommend this for couples who are not too keen on mouth-to-mouth kissing. It is a playful way of creating an exciting moment together as a couple. It can secrete happy hormones and trigger the desire to explore different levels of exotic intimacy. No part of the body is spared here.

A Kiss on the Lip/Mouth: This is one of the most popular types of kisses and it comes in different flavors. There is the single-lip kiss, the spider-man kiss, the butterfly kiss, the lizard kiss, the French kiss, and lots more. One thing is common amongst these types of kisses: individuals who share a kiss in the mouth are most likely connected on a deeper level. One thing is sure, you may know how you start the kissing, but may never be in control of how or where it will end. That is why a kiss on the mouth is advisable for married couples and is recommended for foreplay.

Air Kiss: This is usually shared between people who care for each other. It doesn’t require any form of physical touch. It can be playful, yet it can carry a deep meaning of love and deep affection. It can be shared between parents and children, families and friends, etc. It is also a powerful way of expressing your feelings to another.

An Emoji Kiss: In our world where texting has become a major means of communication, the use of emojis makes it much more fun and lovers can be more expressive without having to use words. Sending a text message with a kiss is simply saying, “I am thinking of you.” You are not permitted to go the whole day without stealing a few minutes out to send a message to your partner that you are thinking of them. Bridge the distance and explore another form of the kiss — through texting.

Kissing is awesome! It is a universal act of showing love and affection to loved ones. It doesn’t only signify sexual feelings, and from the above, one can deduce that almost everyone can give and receive a kiss. Don’t let your relationship suffer boredom. Spice up your romance by simply practicing some of the styles stated above.

Please feel free to add to the above list and share your thoughts on them. Which one of them is your favorite, which new one will you likely try, and which one are you unlikely to give a trial?


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