Affair-Proof Your Marriage

Marriage is awesome. The institution is a platform to meet individuals’ needs for companionship. No form of relationship is as intimate as marriage.

As exciting as marriage is, the mention of marriage draws several negative feelings and comments, this is because of bad experiences people have as a result of a bad marriage.

Many things can lead to a bad marriage. Top on the list is infidelity.

Infidelity is cheating on your partner. Initially, cheating may not look like a bad thing to you. You justify your actions that your emotional needs are not met by your partner and your physical desires need to be attended to. But when your act is exposed; the outcome is way more than you bargained for.

Relationships have gone sour, lives have been lost, trust built over time has suddenly been lost, opportunities and jobs lost, and dreams and hopes shattered.

God created all humans with feelings and emotions, physical, psychological, and sexual needs. In His infinite wisdom, He made provision for how these needs would be met. The danger is, trying to fashion out other means of meeting these needs outside God’s provision.

Let’s look at a man who craves for respect from his wife, he wants to be appreciated and possibly needed by his wife, but this never happens. Ironically, here comes a young lady who admires this man, gives him high regard, and will not stop until she lets him know how much she respects and love his personality.

Whenever there is a need in our lives, we are also presented with more than one choice of meeting such demand.

Whether you are single or married, you need to know that your actions have consequences. In the heat of emotion, remind yourself of those consequences and, most importantly, understand that you are not your emotions.

From my experience as a counselor, I have seen many homes battered as a result of infidelity. Couples survive infidelity, but not all; some lives and relationships are redefined forever.

Infidelity is on the rampage, but it is not a contagious disease. It can be avoided.

While you have the chance, let us teach you The Practical Steps To Safeguard Your Marriage From Infidelity. If you have suffered from infidelity, we will teach you How To Recover and Rekindle Your Love Life After Infidelity

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