No Quick Fixes To A Relationship Not Properly Diagnosed

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Have heard people fear going for counseling because they are unsure of the outcome after spending money and time.

But with the appropriate diagnosis of the problem the right antidote, and willingness from the couple to do their bit the challenges will cease to exist.

This was the fear that Chuks had that had made him not sought for help until his 15 years of marriage were nose-diving, then he and his wife Rhoda finally booked a session with Talk Space Counseling.

Chuks fears were alleviated after the first session because of:

1. The enabling environment that allowed him to express his feelings, fears, and hurts without being judged. In his words, he said he never thought he could be able to spill out those hurts that have existed since their marriage was contracted.

2. His assessments with Rhoda were likened to those taking blood samples to the lab or X-rays. Without having to share some things, Rhoda said the assessment was revealing. Hence, before further interventions, they both were convinced they made the right choice for their ailing marriage.

3. The interventions were solution-focused and each problem identified had an antidote that revived hope in them again.

4. The sessions were practical and they started work on their relationship immediately.

5. Chuks and Rhoda were determined to give counseling a chance which showed in their disposition to the exercises and tasks that they were given. Sometimes it was tough, but they had to choose their ‘tough’- to fight for their marriage or fight for the divorce not to be messy.

We at Talk Space are thrilled to be a part of the success story of Chuks and Rhoda. In one of the messages that Chucks shared with me, he said:

“Good morning Tunbi, I pray all is well with you and your family.
Just a quick note to check in with you.

We’ve grown A LOT since we last spoke to you. We’re managing conflicts way better with your help 🙏🏽 thank you.

Very much still a work in progress, but finally going in the right direction. God is good.

We’ll be in touch again soon. 🙏🏽

A different shade of joy fills my heart when we can resuscitate a marriage from the fast-growing list of failed marriages.

Chuks and Rhoda signed in for a yearly relationship check-up session to review the state of their union with Talk Space on their anniversary.

It is such an honor to have helped one more marriage from failing.


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