How to Make Your Valentine’s Day Special


Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the globe every year to express love and appreciation for your special someone. This day is special as it is marked as a reminder of things that money can’t buy, such as love and friendship. There are several ways to celebrate this special day with your partner, family, and close friends.

If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day as a couple, then the best way to make it special is to plan activities together. This could include spending quality time together talking about new things, experiences, or updates in each other’s life, work, relationship, and family. It’s a time to speak each other’s love language, share memories of your love as well as affirm your spouse for the good things he or she has done for you, and to make your relationship special. Furthermore, thoughtful gifts, such as a poem, chocolates, flowers, a meaningful card, or a nice dinner out or a movie night are perfect ideas for making the day special.


Your family can also join in and make the day special. Ask your family to come together, have dinner, and reminisce about fond memories. You can also plan fun activities such as game night where each family member challenges the other in board games or puzzles.

Surprising your close friends on Valentine’s Day is another great way to make it special. If your friends don’t live close by, surprise your friends with an online call using video-calling software such as WhatsApp video, Skype, or Zoom.

Finally, remember to take the time to appreciate the ones you love and be thankful for the relationships you have with them. Valentine’s Day is an amazing day to express your love and appreciation to your special someone and it can be a very special day to remember for all involved. As long as you take the time to express your gratitude, it is sure to be a memorable day for everyone.

Work Out

  1. What can you say to your partner on valentine’s that will remind them that you love them
  2. How can you show your partner that you love them?
  3. Which gift can you give your partner that will be a symbol of your love
  4. When can you create the time to give undivided attention to your partner today
  5. How can you touch your partner so that their sense of passion is revived?

If in doubt, send these to your partner and get a response that will help you.


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