Sex Does Not Bring Babies

As I reminisce🤔 on the journey of being married for 17 years, my mind swept to a particular incident in the early days of our marriage.👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

Let’s Talk About Dating Etiquette

While dating is a healthy and expected phase for young adults, it is also a season that requires in-depth knowledge as dating rightly or otherwise could define one’s route in life, hence the need to know dating etiquette.

Unmarried Single and Valentine

It’s another valentine’s season and you’re still single. I understand how uncomfortable this makes you feel, but I have news for you.

Affair-Proof Your Marriage

Marriage is awesome. The institution is a platform to meet individuals’ needs for companionship. No form of relationship is as intimate as marriage.

Unsatisfying Sex Life?

One of the ways we express love to our spouse is through sex.

God created us to give and receive love. Our body is designed to experience pleasure, ecstasy, intimacy, and much more throug

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